Crepe spreader

Here’s a quickie project for a co-worker, a crepe spreader. It’s 5×7 inches.

It uses a sliding dovetail joint to connect the two parts. The joint came out better than I expected but I don’t think I will use it for any future crepe spreaders. A wedged through mortise and tenon seems like it would work better.

It’s pictured without a finish. I’m going to give it a very light once-over with some sort of oil (probably olive oil) just to make the surface a little easier to clean after use. Otherwise, it’s not worth really giving it any sort of extravagant finish because it will see a fair amount of wear anyway.

Carcase rip saw with cherry handle, finished

Well, it was a long time coming, but I finally finished this saw.

It has 13 teeth per inch, filed rip at a 0 degree rake angle. It cuts smoothly, but not super-quickly, as one would expect for a saw of this size and pitch. The finish on the handle turned out pretty well. I guess it had better, after, what was it, 10 coats of varnish?

And even though this one is done, there’s another one for a 16″ tenon saw in the works.

Those tools to the left are the Shinto saw rasp and the Gramercy sawmaker’s rasp.