Every now and then, I make a video. They’re a lot of work, so it’s not a regular habit.

The Multiwedge Planer Sled

Though this sounds like an unusual topic for someone who prefers hand tool work, bear with me. The Anarchist’s Tool Chest recommends the benchtop thickness planer as a first machine to buy. It also says you can just flatten boards by hand. There is a lot of value in experiencing the hand-milling process, but I’m not religious about it as a long-term commitment. What does annoy me is the perceived need for two machines to do milling (jointer and thickness planer). So I invented the multiwedge planer sled, intended to be a serious alternative to a jointer for the home woodworker.

Long (Grain) Shooting Board

A shooting board meant for planing along the grain. Especially helpful for small work.

Mortising Notes

Cutting mortises with the bore-out-most-of-the-waste method.

Mini Workbench (Bench-on-Bench)

A relatively short video describing why minibenches can be useful.

Saw Restoration

I was preparing to teach a class (on Linux, not woodworking), and I felt that I needed to practice delivery and topic organization. I picked out a little saw that I’d been awaiting restoration and made this video, which was my first. There are lots of videos out there on saw restoration, of course, so it’s not a terribly original topic. Mine uses a macro lens, if that sort of thing gets you excited.