Side Table

A simple side table for the daybed project. Yellow pine and oak, staked.


A stand in yellow pine and ash. Staked.

Coffee Table

Obligatory project. Black Walnut and ash.

Twin Nightstands

My second nightstand project. Two in cherry.


A step stool; for sittin’ and reachin’ stuff when you’re short. Beech.

Bookshelf 2

A tall bookshelf. Tuliptree (yellow-poplar).

Small Chest

A small version of the English tool chest, built for non-tool purposes. White pine and others.


A daybed in yellow pine and red oak.

First Nightstand

My first nightstand project, slightly Krenov-inspired. Beech.


A small prototype bookshelf. Tuliptree (yellow-poplar).

Shoe Rack

Mortise-and-tenon extravaganza. Spruce or fir or something like that.


Crepe Spreader

Crepe spreader; quickie for a friend. Beech.

Silly Box

A very small box. Mystery wood.

First Box

The first dovetailed box I ever made. Tuliptree (yellow-poplar).

Some Other Box

Not sure where these things keep coming from. Arizona cypress.

Tools and Related Items

Workbench v2

My second workbench. The “Screwbo.”

Tool Cabinet

Gotta put tools somewhere.

Saw Till

Saws aren’t gonna hold themselves. Obligatory galoot project.

Thagomizer 3

The third generation of the mallet. This one might have staying power.