Side Table

A simple side table for the daybed project. Yellow pine and oak, staked.


A stand in yellow pine and ash. Staked.

Coffee Table

Obligatory project. Black Walnut and ash.

Twin Nightstands

My second nightstand project. Two in cherry.


A step stool; for sittin’ and reachin’ stuff when you’re short. Beech.

Bookshelf 2

A tall bookshelf. Tuliptree (yellow-poplar).

Small Chest

A small version of the English tool chest, built for non-tool purposes. White pine and others.


A daybed in yellow pine and red oak.

First Nightstand

My first nightstand project, slightly Krenov-inspired. Beech.


A small prototype bookshelf. Tuliptree (yellow-poplar).

Shoe Rack

Mortise-and-tenon extravaganza. Spruce or fir or something like that.


Crepe Spreader

Crepe spreader; quickie for a friend. Beech.

Silly Box

A very small box. Mystery wood.

First Box

The first dovetailed box I ever made. Tuliptree (yellow-poplar).

Tools and Related Items

Workbench v2

My second workbench. The “Screwbo.”

Tool Cabinet

Gotta put tools somewhere.

Saw Till

Saws aren’t gonna hold themselves. Obligatory galoot project.

Thagomizer 3

The third generation of the mallet. This one might have staying power.