This is a journal about woodworking with hand tools. Furniture-making is my primary focus, but every now and then, I have to make a tool or work on something else.

If you’re looking for someone to dazzle with literary flourish, tales of epic struggles against mighty celluose-and-lignin beasts, tool porn, and so on, I’m not sure what you’ll take away from here. I aim to document what I do as I experience it, and be pragmatic about it. I make mistakes and often write about those.

Full Disclosure

For many years, my work was with hand tools only. This is a pretty good way to get started, at least to me; you really get a handle on the fundamentals of the medium and the methods and it doesn’t have to cost a boatload of money.

But it’s also time-consuming to do a lot of the preparatory work such as milling, and once I had a decent enough idea of what was going on, I started using some machines to perform that work for me. Specifically, I have a bandsaw (a true pal for a hand-tool woodworker) and a thickness planer (wicked beast, but can be tamed). I might write about those, but only if it’s marginally useful from a hand-tool perspective.

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