New Video: Mini-Workbench (“Bench-on-Bench”)

After a while working on the bench-on-bench, I decided to make a fairly brief video describing my experience with it. I did this because although there are a lot of videos that show building one of these things, there aren’t many that say what they’re good for. I also wanted to highlight a few things about my design that I’ve found helpful.

5 thoughts on “New Video: Mini-Workbench (“Bench-on-Bench”)

  1. Very helpful explanation, thanks Brian. Suits me very nicely to follow in your slipstream: I’ve already put into practice ideas from your discussion of staked legs, took a good helping of encouragement and saved a several steps of trial and error on my own.

    I have the Benchcrafted Moxon vice hardware and pdf files with examples from others gathered over the years, but hadn’t yet decided what version to build. Now it’s clear: your concise build brings simplicity and versatility together very well.

    I look forward to your next post, as usual.


    • Hi Rob, with something as small as this, it doesn’t hurt to build and retry if it doesn’t come out quite right. You can just reuse the BC hardware (but you might need to search for new cork/rubber gasket material if you don’t re-use your vise chop).


  2. I could see this being helpful. Thanks for sharing. I also have enough scrap plywood laying about that I could use that up without any expense except for the clamp part. Then again, I do have pipe clams I’m not using …. hmmmm.


    • How stiff do you think the plywood would be? Would you laminate it? I ask because my minibench does not flex at all, which I’ve found to be handy, but your needs could be different. The construction lumber I used for most of this is more than adequate, though.


      • I would probably put two or three full height cross bracings (from scrap plywood) inside it to stiffen it leaving about 6″ on both ends so I can clamp it. I think that would stiffen it up. If I don’t have enough plywood to build this, I would definitely go your route with construction grade wood.


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