Of Saw Vise and Men

I realize that I have not been posting all of my goodies lately. This isn’t because I haven’t gotten any new tools lately, it’s that I’ve gotten too many and it would be hard to keep up. But I will make an attempt to post one every now and then.

Probably the most significant thing I got lately was this saw vise:

This might sound like the lamest tool in the world to post about, but only for someone who doesn’t have a saw vise. It is shown here holding my run-down old Jackson backsaw, which won’t be run-down for long, now that I have a saw vise. It weighs 12 pounds, god only knows who made it and when, and it cost me a whopping $10 on ebay. Thank goodness it doesn’t seem to have a manufacturer’s mark; otherwise, some lamebrain would have probably tried to get all collector on it (I had already bid on a few Disstons but they quickly got out of hand).

It’s really hard to use mere words to describe how useful something like this is. No, really. Before, I was wondering how difficult sharpening saws was going to be. Now, I don’t, because this thing really holds those bad boys in tightly. It couldn’t have come at a better time, because a few working saws are the next order of business for me. I bought a few files today in anticipation.

And it actually clamps to the bottom of my WorkMate. Though I’m not sure this is a great feature.

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