Saw derusting surprises

I’ve been working on my saws. My first victim was that rusty old Jackson backsaw from the last journal entry. I followed this dude’s instructions and ended up with a significantly derusted version:

It was fairly pitted, but I intentionally started on a saw that wasn’t in such hot shape. I applied a lot of wax, so it should saw very cleanly once I bang out the kink at the end and get the teeth in decent shape.

Having this as encouragement, I decided to attack the “Warranted Superior” saw that had been sitting around for a while with the handle off. I got that saw very soon after moving to San Francisco for $2 from a couple of old ladies who were selling stuff out of their garage on weekends. The blade of that guy was in really nice shape, with very little rust, so I didn’t expect the derusting to take very long.

However, after scraping a bunch of rust off with the razor blade, I came across the etching. I thought I was on crack or something when I first read it, so I used a little bit of care to raise it to be able to see it for real:

Winchester handsaw

This saw is a Winchester #16. Or is that a #46? Huh? Apparently, these are somewhat collectible; they were not made for long (according to this, in any case). Who really made this saw? Beats me. We know that Stanley and Sargent made the Winchester planes.

Now I don’t know what to do. Should I sell it? The blade is in stellar shape, but the handle isn’t so hot; the top horn is a little broken, and the finish was crap. I’ll probably just continue on with the restoration, dunno. The teeth are rip profile, but it’s been improperly sharpened with crosscut fleam.

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