The Usual Suspects

So dubido asked for a plane lineup. Here are all of my current bench planes (meaning that this excludes block planes, spokeshaves, and other weird stuff):

From left to right, they are:

  • Stanley #8 jointer (24″), type 5 (1885-1888). This is in the worst condition of all of my planes, and is also my most expensive (hey, let’s see you try to be a cheapskate and get a jointer). It will clean up and work, especially now that I have a frog that’s less broken than the original.
  • Millers Falls #18 fore (18″), type 2 (probably 1936-1941). Some serious rust on the sole of this guy, otherwise should be easy to clean.
  • Stanley #6 fore (18″), type 16-ish (1933-1941). My first bench plane purchase. Almost ready to use.
  • Millers Falls #14 jack (14″), type 3 (1941-1949). Rust-o-rama, almost certainly needs electrolysis.
  • Millers Falls #14C jack (14″), type 4 (1955-1966). My next restoration project. A very pretty plane, as you will see in weeks to come.
  • Stanley #5C jack (14″), type 11 (1910-1918). Kinda beat up, with a cracked tote and stuff, but should eventually work fine.
  • Millers Falls #900 smoother (9″) sometime after 1949. An “economy” version of the #9, this does not have the frog depth adjustment screw, the three-point lever cap, or the spiffy handles, but probably will work just as well when tuned, since it’s otherwise almost identical to the #9.
  • Millers Falls #9 smoother (9″), type 3 (1941-1949). My first completed, tuned, and used plane; see previous posts. A nice user, that’s for sure.

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