Tenon Detritus

I posted the following photo from my happily-neglected Twitter account a while back and forgot about it:

I’d been busy making a stand out of some southern yellow pine and didn’t take too much time to clean off the bench between making each mortise-and-tenon joint. Perhaps there’s some sort of meaning here. But it could also be just a cluttered pile of cutoffs.

That project is essentially complete, but I’m not too sure. I didn’t make a top for it yet, but I might not need to. It’s just a tall stand for workshop-related stuff and is already in use.

I don’t know if I’ll ever write about that little mini-project. It’s pretty sloppy; I didn’t even bother to uniformly thickness or even mill all of the sides of the boards.

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I have no idea what I'm doing.

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  1. Really glad you’re back! This site is one which I have always found inspiring. I’ve saved a few of your pages just in case, and glad I did. Just happened to click on a link not expecting any results, and there was something there. Looking forward to more from you. Welcome back.


    1. Glad that there’s someone that actually remembers the old site! If you still have those pages saved, hang onto them, I might need them! I’m slowly trying to get around to restoring the old posts. I do have backups of many of them, but it’s not going too quickly. I’m sort of restarting the blog in a low-key manner, anyway.


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